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Music at Fourcroft Hotel

Fourcroft Sunday Jazz Brunches - 12 noon til 3pm

Tickets 13 per person - in advance only - including Fourcroft's famous brunch

Our next brunch on Sunday 18th May features Claudia's Jazzmasters.

For details of this or future events contact us on 01 834 842 886 or email us at

This last year's performances included:-

Sunday 13th April featured The Keith Little Swing Trio

Keith Little Trio 
Despite the absence of Keith Little (Get well soon, Keith), the Trio, with Martin, Mike & (stepping in) Bristol's legendary Henry Davis, the brunchers were taken in to a leisurely stroll through some great classics. Charm resounded. A pleasure to be there.


Sunday 23rd March featured The Sarah Smith Quartet

A journey from the Gypsy Jazz of Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli, through Celtic airs to standards from The Great American Songbook; whether beautifully melodic and lyrical, or fast and furious, the Sarah Smith Quartet played gypsy jazz with passion, fire and virtuosity. Surprises in store included Tim's fine voice & interesting compositions, but the scene stealer was 13 years old Oli, playing bass guitar like he was born to it. Which, we suppose, he was!

Sarah Smith - Violin, Tim Smith - Rhythm Guitar, Oli Smith - Bass Guitar, Andy Mackenzie - Lead Guitar. An appreciative audience insisted we book them for next year, which we've done!


Sunday 23rd February featured The Jonathan Crespo Quartet

Jonathan Crespo - Feb 14
That Canadian trumpet (Jonathan Crespo), brilliantly supported by keyboard (Jim Barber), double bass & drums (Ian Poole), caught the audience in a spell of flowing standards from which it was impossible to break away; at least until the concert came to an end. And the Canadian ice hockey team won the Olympic gold at the same time!


Sunday 19th January featured Sarah + H 4tet

Sarah & H
Another rousing set of music from all over the world, with Sarah Campbell-Horner in fine voice indeed, Hywel Maggs in finger picking perfection, Alan Vaughan on bass & Noel Watson on drums. A double encore was well deserved after two hours plus of consistent quality sounds.


Sunday 24th November featured The Amigos

THE AMIGOS on 24.11.13
Gary Phillips, with a different lineup but the same amazing musicianship, played out this year's concerts to tumultuous applause.


Sunday 20th October featured Saxpax.

October Jazz Brunch
A concert of saxes swirling around the room, producing a truly big band sound for all of seven in the band. Live brass, in your face.


Sunday 22nd September featured Afternoon in Paris. This was part of Tenby Arts Festival 2013.

Afternoon in paris
A fantastic, audience gripping performance from one of Wales's best Cafe Jazz ensembles. Tenby Arts Festival done proud.


Sunday 21st July featured the Dave Cottle Trio
Another fine collection of classical jazz numbers played with relish & no little humour by Swansea Jazz's own house band. On an away day, obviously.


Sunday 23rd June featured Kitty Bevan

Beverly Gough & Rob Hadden brought their cool rythms a la Dinah Washington, Billy Holiday et al, whilst Bev packed a mean sax & Rob played his fluent jazz guitar rythms.


Sunday 19th May featured The Tone Valley Jazzband

Tone Valley Jazzband 001 
One from here (Tudor) joins four from there (Somerset) to form this fantastic ensemble of brass, drums & guitar. Trad jazz through & through. Toes & fingers tapping, entertainment wins.


Sunday 21st April featured Claudia's Jazz Masters

Another superb performance from The Ice Diva & her truly masterful band of musicians. What a great way to welcome back to performing the honourable Gary Phillips, he of The Amigos & beyond. A privilege to be there.


Sunday 24th March featured The Keith Little Trio

Lively clarinet and sax, accompanied by keyboard and drums, allowed this great Cardiff trio to entertain an attentive audience. Swing jazz and banter. Or is that swinging banter? A great gig, whatever.


Sunday 17th February featured The Tommy Harris Quartet.

Tommy Harris - Feb 2013
With Dave Jones, on keyboard, Frank Hughes, on bass, and, on drums, Martin Webber, Tommy produced a crisp, clean mixture of sax greats & modern impros. Polished, mellifluous music delivered with aplomb.


Sunday 20th January featured Hot Club Gallois

A welsh group inspired by the music of Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grapelli, they produced a lively, spirited set, full of rapid music from the two guitars, violin & double bass. Passionate playing found total audience engagement. Heck of a way to start the new season of brunches.




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